Industrial chic

Nord-Schrott themed room

Recyclables. That’s what we had on our minds when decorating the Nord-Schrott themed room. What resulted from the imaginatively staged metallic materials was a unique industrial charm unlike any other. The open-plan layout of the room and innovative lighting concept are key components of this cutting-edge living environment. The pioneering style reflects the corporate culture of the international recycling and disposal company.

About Nord-Schrott

As early as 1898, the founders-to-be started collecting iron, metals, paper and rags. All they had was a hand cart, a vision and a good helping of ambition. With great care and diligence, they pursued their idea of giving new value to things considered unusable, with great success: Today in Flensburg alone, a staff of 183 works on a site spanning 130,000 m2 for the owern-operated company. Nord-Schrott now also employes dealers in Scandinavia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China and India.

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