Room with a “pop”

Flensburger Brewery themed room

This room is something special – and not just because of its harbor view. Its appointments tell the story of Flensburg’s long history as a brewer’s city. The popular Flensburger brand plays the starring role. Today, its fame has spread far beyond the borders of Schleswig-Holstein and exudes its Northern German charm across Germany. Close your eyes under a firmament skillfully crafted from bottles, and listen. Look out the window and experience the atmosphere of Flensburg. From a distance, you'll hear a faint “pop”. Just another 100 meters away, the tour of the brewery is also interesting. As a guest of the hotel, the company invites you to come along.

About the Flensburger Brewery:

Since its founding on September 6, 1888, the company has managed time and again to remain successful while maintaining a clear identity. The private brewery was built on the Munketoft thoroughfare in Flensburg, and still stands there today. The family-owned enterprise now supplies all of Germany with its products. Its uniquely bitter flavor, the swing top with its “pop” sound and most of all the typically Northern German sense of humor have all earned the beer brand a loyal following. If you ask natives in these parts to explain the success of their hometown beer brand, the answer will often be, “It just Flenses!”

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